Have you ever wondered how the transportation system works? How does a freight gets to your home? What’s the dispatching process behind it? How to make it all happen? We can help you find the answers!


Welcome to Windy City Dispatching School

At Windy City Dispathching School we want YOU to succeed. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge and tools to start a succesfull dispatching career.

Through over 8 years of hard work and dedication we came to the conclusion that in order to understand dispatching, you need to see the industry as a whole. Our courses were created in such a way, that you will get a profound understanding of the trucking industry and all of its components.

Why should I take this course? 

The simple answer is, you don’t have to. BUT…if you’re really looking for a career change, you came to the right place. We can help you learn how to make $100,000/year by simply doing dispatching, without the hassle of owning any equipment. Transportation industry is extremely big with a lot of possibilities for growth. And we can help you reach your goals.


Starting in 2011, our team came a long way in the trucking industry. From truck drivers to dispatchers to owner operators and company owners, while also handling warehousing operations, accounting and safety. We’ve seen it all and want to share that knowledge with you. 


Our mission is simple: we want to help you reach your goals by providing the best dispatching education possible. Regardless of where you are now, we can help you get where you want to be. Affordable prices, transparency and highly skilled professional team is what we offer.  


Trucking industry is changing…and fast. Modern technology is finally here and we’d like to be at the front row. Dispatching education has never been a part of this industry…until now. And our vision is to make it understandable, affordable and easy to implement by each and everyone.

Wonderful School!

This is a great truck dispatch school with an amazing teacher. I’m very thankful for the knowledge that I got there. And I highly recommend this school to everyone who’s interested in trucking business.

Halyna Havryshkiv

Awesome School!

I have been looking for such courses for a long time. Great team and very understandable material

Igor Znak

Great dispatching classes, definitely recommended

I would just like to thank Stas Dreva for teaching me the skills which everyone needs who wants to be a dispatcher, and for the organized classes and materials which were given to us each class. I am extremely satisfied with this course. I also highly recommend everyone to take this course who is interested in dispatching. I am convinced that what you learn in Windy City will help you

Iryna Kyryliuk

Well structured and understandable course

Stas (the host of the course) did a great job. The trucking industry got much more clear to me. The course is well structured and understandable. Most of all I enjoyed the practical exercise. It really gives you a feeling of what a dispatcher does on a daily basis.

Alexandru Doni

Great experience with Windy City Dispatching School

Great experience with Windy City Dispatching School. I had no clue what dispatching job is until I took the class. Now I feel I know everything, thanks to Windy City Dispatching!!!
2 weeks were filled with knowledge and fun. I enjoyed the class! I highly recommend this school! Now I’m ready to keep America moving:)

Julia Semeniuk

Sincerely grateful to the organizers

A month ago I signed up for a course in Windy City Dispatching School.
I heard about this school for a long time, it impressed me very much, and finally, after two weeks of classes, I finished it.
Everything that I learned during the course, I find very useful and applicable in the future.
I am sincerely grateful to the organizers and our teacher Stan Dreva for this training.

Kos Shevchenko

If you’re looking for training for dispatching this is the option you should take!

I just want to say that if you are looking for training on dispatching this is the option you should take. I’m 100% grateful to Stanley because after the training I was feeling so ready. Before this, I had 0 experience in any area regarding the trucking business. I’ve been a dispatcher for a week now and I am surprised with all the knowledge I have thanks to this training. Don’t go somewhere else to pay an insane amount of money, here you have quality and caring people to prepare you.

Dez Morataya

Highly recommend this course!

Highly recommend this course. If you are looking for great, in-depth education – this is a perfect match for you. Stas (the lecturer) is knowledgeable and super helpful. I think anyone who wants to get a foot in the door in dispatching should go to Windy City Dispatching school.


A good organized course with easy to understand program.

It was a well-organized course with easy to understand program. A lot of information given that’s very useful. Thank you so much to Stas Drewa he answered all my questions and not only about dispatching but about the whole truck industry! Highly recommend!

Iryna Farenyk