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Over the last 5 years we have perfected the training and know exactly what you need to succeed in the Trucking industry

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Our past, current and future students are treated with equal support, no matter what life throws at you. Even years after the training, we still keep in touch

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Oleksander Mykolaichuk
Oleksander Mykolaichuk
I had an amazing experience at Windy City Dispatching School! The course was comprehensive and easy to understand. Stanislav, the instructor, provided detailed explanations that made learning a breeze. Highly recommended for truck dispatch training!
Marta Sv
Marta Sv
I had such a great experience working with this school everything was at the highest level. I learned a lot of new and useful things for myself, the classes were very interesting and productive. Thanks!!! I would recommend to family and friends.
Maryana S
Maryana S
Exceeded my expectations. I truly enjoyed this course. Stanislav is a fantastic teacher, knowledgeable and willing to answer any question. Thank you so much for your very valuable training and support.
Христина Дацко
Христина Дацко
I'm really impressed by this course, actually. Stanislav(the teacher) is awesome and it is visible from the very first class that he is aware of what he is talking about. The way he easily explains the complecated topics is really incredible. For me(the person, who had no idea how this business works) this course gave a great understanding of main principles, tools and proper ways of negotiating with brokers. I highly recommend this school to everyone who is interested in working in dispatching.
johneva riles
johneva riles
Windy City is the best dispatching school to gain all the necessary tools to learn the skills needed. Stanley is awesome he explains everything in detail. Thank you Stanley for a great experience.
Юлия Олейник
Юлия Олейник
I want to leave a review about this school. If you want to know how the truck business works, then come here. Even if you didn't know anything about it before, absolutely everything will tell you at this school
Yarema Henyk
Yarema Henyk
Are you looking for a dispatch course? I strongly and without hesitation recommend Windy City Dispatch School. These guys are the best. I’m very satisfied with this course because I got a lot of useful material about trucking. They give you really valuable information about this business. After completing the course, you will gain real-world knowledge about the trucking business and how it works
Kostiantyn Melnyk
Kostiantyn Melnyk
Very interesting and well-structured course. You can learn all details in dispatcher daily routine as well as get deep industry knowledge. Recommended!
Lera Sandurska
Lera Sandurska
Great school! Stanislav is a very good teacher. He really cares about every student in the group and wants you to learn. Classes are very informative and interesting. The price for this volume of information is very reasonable. Highly recommend!

Welcome to
Windy City Dispatching School

Discover the difference by choosing our truck dispatching course. With over 12 years of experience in the trucking industry, we’ve worked with small and large carriers, dispatching company drivers and owner-operators for local and long-haul (OTR) routes. Our expert dispatchers generate up to $100,000 per week in revenue, and we’re proud to have trained over 300 successful students.

Our excellence is reflected in the 30+ glowing 5-star Google reviews we’ve received. Our proven strategies are designed to help you earn up to $100,000 per year within your first year by implementing the invaluable skills acquired in our course. In addition, our expansive network of esteemed carriers will help you secure your first job with ease.

Experience the benefits of our exceptional truck dispatching course and join our thriving community of satisfied graduates today!

Our courses

We offer variety of dispatching courses to fit your budget and tailored to your needs. Wether you’re looking to start a career or open your own business – we got you covered! 
Explore our courses below 

What will you learn in our training? 

Our training program is designed in a way that you will be job ready after completion of this course. You’ll understand all of the aspects of dispatching, trucking business in general, tools that are being used, rules and regulations, US Freight market and a step-by-step process of booking loads and the whole logistics process behind it. 

Basics: Introduction into dispatching

-Definition, Requirements, Dispatcher’s role in trucking business

-Types of dispatching and explanation: Long distance; Local/Regional; Working with Owner operators

-Dispatcher’s Salary

Tools, Equipment and Software

-Types of equipment: Trucks; Trailers

-Types of cargo: Dry, Refrigerated, Oversized

-Shipping methods: TL (truckload), LTL (partial), Intermodal (Rail)

-Software: Load boards with detailed explanation, other dispatch tools


-Parties involved in trucking business

-Understanding US Freight market

-Learning USA Map: Zip zones, Time zones, States-abbreviations

-Getting to know your drivers

-Consolidation and trailer space usage

Booking your first load

-Know your information

-Knowing your driver’s schedule

-Understanding market rates

-Typical booking conversations

-Rate negotiations and negotiation tips

Setting up with Brokers and dispatching drivers

-Broker/Carrier agreements. What to look for and how to fill out (File examples)

-Rate confirmations (examples)

-What is a factoring company

-Bill of Lading 

-Dispatching your driver

Understanding logistics 

-HOS (Hours of service). FMCSA rules and regulations for truckers

-Logistics planning and scheduling (Long distance, Local)

-Time calculation for route planning

-Different kinds of loads: 1-1, multi-stop, blind shipments

-Other factors: Accidents, Traffic, Weather, Location

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for and what are the requirements?

Our online truck dispatching course is designed for anyone looking to enter the thriving US trucking industry, including stay-at-home parents and professionals seeking a career change. No prior experience is necessary, however, an intermediate English proficiency level, motivation, and a willingness to learn are highly recommended. 

How much money can I make as a truck dispatcher?

As a dispatcher for a trucking company you can expect to start working at around $700-1000/week. But as your skills improve, there’s no really upper limit to how much money you can make. Here’s the breakdown for you: 

-Dispatchers receive a % from weekly Gross revenue. It ranges between 2-3% (As an employee) to 10% (as a business owner). 

-Each truck averages between $6000-10000/week (Let’s take $8000 average). You can make from $240-800/week from only 1 truck.

-Each dispatcher normally works with 5-6 trucks (Experts can work with 10-15 trucks). You can make $1200-4000/week, depending on your expertise and the way your operation is setup. 

What topics are covered in this truck dispatching course?

Our comprehensive course covers all the essential skills needed to succeed as a dispatcher, including dispatch types, equipment and cargo handling, freight booking, route planning, freight market analysis, negotiation tactics and documentation. By the end of the course, you will be well-equipped to handle dispatching tasks effectively.

Does the course include guidance on starting a trucking business?

Yes, our experienced instructors offer over a decade of trucking industry knowledge and can provide tailored advice on launching and managing a profitable trucking or dispatching business. Please contact us directly with your business ideas for a customized solution.

Can you guarantee employment upon course completion?

While we cannot guarantee employment as a dispatching school, we prioritize our students’ success and maintain partnerships with several trucking companies that offer job opportunities to our graduates. We continually expand our network and will notify you of any available positions.

Is remote truck dispatching an option?

Absolutely! Truck dispatching from home is possible, although company policies vary. We recommend beginning your career in an office environment to learn from experienced dispatchers. Once you feel confident working independently, you can explore remote opportunities or even start your own business. 

But if you are planning to start your Independent dispatching service, then you can work from anywhere in the world! The only thing is that you will have to work during US business hours. 

Do you offer post-training support for students?

Yes, we provide comprehensive post-training support for all our students, whether it concerns the course material, job-related questions, or other inquiries. We’re always here to help you every step of the way! 

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course duration is 22 hours, plus completion of the tasks and personal Zoom sessions. Overall it depends on your individual pace and commitment. Our flexible online format allows you to progress at your own speed, ensuring you fully grasp the material before moving on to the next topic. On average students are able to finish the training in 2-4 weeks. 

What equipment and resources are needed to enroll in the course?

You’ve already taken the first step by visiting our website! To get started, you’ll need a computer or laptop, internet access, and a notebook. Simply register for the course and be prepared to learn.

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