Truck Dispatching Bootcamp


Master the art of Truck dispatching with our comprehensive Live Zoom Training course!

Learn everything you need to become a professional dispatcher and start your new career with our individual approach and up to 5 hours of personal mentoring!

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Learn what it takes to be a truck dispatcher. A Live Zoom Training course with 2 weeks of in-depth training lessons with practice, explanations, tests, a PDF guidebook, and much more.


– Monday, September 25th, 6PM-9PM, CST.

– Wednesday, September 27th, 6PM-9PM, CST.

– Friday, September 29th, 6PM-9PM, CST.

– Monday, October 2nd, 6PM-9PM, CST.

– Wednesday, October 4th, 6PM-9PM, CST.

– Friday, October 6th 6PM-9PM, CST.

Learn, communicate, ask questions, and receive feedback on the completed tasks from your curator, practice in real work programs, and work with real document samples.

Here’s an overview of what you receive upon purchase:

  • 2 weeks Live Zoom training and practice with a Pro-instructor with 12 years of experience
  • 50-page Dispatcher handbook with all of the necessary information,
  • 20+ examples of documents to practice along, multiple real-world scenarios route planning, and scheduling practice tasks.
  • Real-life practice material to learn hand on
  • Free consultations at any time during your training with one of our expert coaches.
  • Deep understanding of the US Freight market, route planning, and scheduling.
  • Know exactly how to deal with unexpected situations and how to prevent them.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the information that you will get with our training is invaluable. Start training today!